Tanner Burge
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Sam & Trevin // Adventure Engagements + Film

Adventure Engagement Portraits at the Buffalo National River & Sam’s Throne Recreational Area in Northern Arkansas

I've had many conversations with creatives about "who" we shoot for - ourselves, the clients, or others (followers, likes, people like you :) ). Personally, my photography of people is geared toward giving my personal expression & impression of them. So while considering that I shoot equally for myself & my clients/friends/amazing people, the reason I blog & post is for the "others" category that you probably fall into. I knew as this engagement shoot was happening that I was going to want to share it with everyone willing to look!

As per usual in Arkansas, we had some surprise weather pop up near the Buffalo National River where we took our first set of photos at Pruitt Landing. This weather forced us to take a little break while moving to the next location - a very special place to me called Sam's Throne. This place is super special to me because it's where I grew up vacationing with my dad to rock climb &  camp. I'd never taken the opportunity to shoot with a couple there until now, fittingly because Sam was the name of our bride-to-be!

Needless to say, the unpredictable weather gave us one of the most unpredictably beautiful sunsets I've ever experienced. So good that we forgot we were working, Sam & Trevin forgot they were being photographed, & all was right with the world. I hope the photos can do justice to how mind-blowing a treat God gave us on that mountaintop! At the end I included a reel of 35mm Portra 400 film I shot with low shutter speeds throughout the session.

If you're interested in a similar adventure-based shoot I'm full of ideas or all ears for new areas! Engagement, anniversary, vow renewal, styled, just-for-fun, even your wedding or elopement - let's chat.


35mm Film // Kodak Portra 400