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About Me

About Me

Tanner Burge


Born, raised, & currently residing in Arkansas as a full time middle school teacher, I started photography as a creative outlet to supplement my obsessive hiking habit. I started creating images because it was fun! I never intended on starting a business or making any money, but my photography quickly developed with the help from friends who pushed, motivated, & inspired me to use my personality & servant’s heart to offer my gifts to others. My wife Hanna entered my life during the core of my development as a photographer, & she is now an integral part of what I do, at the least providing support behind the scenes. Marriage is so amazing, y’all!

2017 was my first full year of taking on clients, & I was recognized in Arkansas Life Magazine for nature photography as well as Arkansas Bride Magazine for winning "The Natural State" contest. That was also the year I met my wife & now permanent second-shooter! By August of 2018 I got married & was able to celebrate meeting all of my business goals after I booked over 10 weddings, & was published & recognized again for nature + wedding photography! At the core, I strongly value people as God created them & the connections we have with each other & nature. I want everyone to see His creations the same way I do. People, waterfalls, relationships, mountains— all as beautiful as the next.


I would love to say “hire me so you have epic photos for your Instagram!", but what I like to offer is so much more than that. I love providing an experience with every shoot, like exploring an area that is special to you or even showing brand new areas that might soon becoming your new favorite spot! More than anything I aim to tell the truth with my photography. Portraits & Weddings with me are predominately outdoor with natural lighting, documenting the day, telling the story of you & your loved one, but not completely hands-off. I love getting to know people & helping shake off the awkward so genuine comfort can be seen in photos. We also love to boogie at wedding receptions while documenting your best boogie faces! For couples & engagements I am a sucker for grandiose locations as backdrops. I cut my teeth with landscape photography & that is where the soul of my work resides, so PLEASE let me drive you out to some awesome wilderness areas!
My editing process has begun to resemble the 35mm film stocks that I like to shoot, as long as it fits the mood & feel of the environment we happen to be in. If I had to use trendy buzzwords to describe my photography I would lean towards Rich, Natural, & Photojournalistic rather than the polar "light & airy" or "dark & moody" trends. Both of which are beautiful in their own respects, but my style of photography is rooted in nature & truth.

Photo by Jo Johnson

Photo by Jo Johnson

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Fayetteville, AR


2019 Pricing Guide

My current Wedding Packages & Adventure Engagement prices have been updated & posted! Please click the link above or contact me for more info.


The price of photography can certainly surprise people outside of the industry sometimes. I want to assure my clients that my prices are no more than they need to be to adequately compensate my time, effort, & attention to detail that I offer. For moments like engagements & weddings, these are the tangible memories that last! I think investing in those preserved moments is one of the most important aspects to plan & I'm so honored to be considered for that privilege!

Fine Art Prints

Click the link above to shop landscapes in a variety of materials & sizes, including digital downloads. Please contact me for specific prints! tannerburge@gmail.com

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