Tanner Burge
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2017 Yearbook

2017 from start to finish was such a whirlwind year that I thought only a post like this could do it justice. Creatively, as a photographer, I really came into my own & found a direction that I can't wait to continue to pursue! This is more than just a year-in-review or a best-of album. This is a collection of photos that embody my vision for where I want to be, updated with edits consistent with the style I'm reaching for. These are the kinds of emotions, scenes, & moments I hope to capture every time I pick up my camera.

Putting this collection together showed me just how much I've grown in only one year, but it also proved to me that I allowed my true self to surface in every shoot. While getting started it has been easy to compare myself, copy what I've seen, & go for what I thought others may want to see, but in the end I still managed to create what I wanted to create. So, here are my creations. Here are 80 photos that show, not just where I've been in the past year, but where I'm going.

* Special shout out to all of these clients who trusted me to preserve their special moments while allowing me to create. Also to these friends who inspire, encourage, & believe in me. Extra special shout out to Stephen & Paige Brasher who literally started & ended 2017 with me, from their January Proposal, to their July Engagements, & ended with a December Wedding!